About us

The founder of Nistaa, Inc. is a Registered Nurse.  The agonizing frustration of dealing with the perpetual dilemma of keeping patient’s PICC lines and peripheral IV lines dry while they bathed or showered was the catalyst for the invention of the Nistaa™ waterproof transparent barrier. Many Nurses will testify that plastic bags and other plastic products secured with tape are ineffective methods for keeping site areas dry. Finally, health care clinicians, patients, and family members will no longer have to rely on ineffective methods. The Nistaa™ waterproof transparent barrier is the solution.

Nistaa waterproof transparent barrier maybe used to completely cover and protect central venous devices(e.g. a PICC line, a Port-A-Cath, or a Hickman), hemodialysis catheters, peripheral IV lines, surgical incisions and wound dressings from water while a patient bathes or showers.

Nistaa is latex free and consists of a medical grade hypoallergenic adhesive film and a medical grade adhesive free film. Nistaa™ is thin, flexible and conformable. The unique design provides a double layer of protection against water while enhancing patient comfort.

Nistaa is a single-use product. Do not remove or reposition Nistaa™ once applied to the skin.

Nistaa™ should be stored at temperatures between 50-80°F (10-27°C) and relative humidity less than 75 percent. The product will maintain the stated performance, for a period of two years from the manufactured date, when stored under recommended conditions.

Nistaa™ is manufactured in the USA, at a FDA registered facility.

Nistaa™ is patent pending.