“ I have a Hickman line for TPN and I have used other products in the 8 years I have had a line and I am in love with your product! It is by far superior.  So much so that I pay for it out of pocket when I could be getting a different product from my DME company and paid for by my insurance.”



“This is the waterproof dressing cover I have been searching for! After years of painful adhesives that leaked and still ripped off skin to using press and seal and towels to try and keep my central line dry; Nistaa is the answer!  This barriers are a great size and I love that the inside doesn't stick to your existing dressings and tubes, yet it seals amazingly! I have been so satisfied with this product; and for me an added bonus is that this product does not collect condensation on the inside of the dressing after a long and hot shower.  Recently I used a Nistaa cover to protect my dressing and central line during surgery and the medical team was very impressed with how durable it was. Nistaa covers are worth every penny.  These also work great as they contour and seal better to your body (my central line is on my chest and as a female I have experienced covers not adhering well to non-flat (ie arm or leg) areas of the body; I am so thankful Nistaa does this for me.  This product has given me back my peace of mind while I shower. Hands down this is the best product I have used!”



“ I've tried every waterproof dressing on the market for keeping my port dry while showering and yours is by FAR the best out there. This product saves me 10 minutes every morning that I'd otherwise spend fighting with various dressings and tape that still manage to leak.”



"I just LOVE the Nistaa Barrier! I have showered vigorously with it, and even taken a bath and had my arm underwater for some time, I have not gotten a drop wet inside. I am just in AWE over your product! AND it is SO much easier to attach too! Just a minute and I am in the shower, not 10-15 minutes of hassle.  This is just so so so much better. I LOVE IT?"



"As a new to market "Waterproof Transparent Barrier," this is by far the best water barrier/shower sleeve that is out there. This PICC line protector for showering allows for flexibility of the arm, without worrying about constricting the blood flow, that some other shower sleeves on the market may cause. The Nistaa feels like a larger Tegaderm dressing going over our other dressing. Check them out?"

-Emily, CEO of Mighty Well


"My daughter tells me that the Nistaa shield works much better than any other she has tired."



"WOW!!! Nistaa is an amazing product! It is 100% genuine, efficient and necessary...If you want a safe awesome bandage that does everything it says it will do...Then Nistaa is the way to go!  I should know, l have used this product and Nistaa  has proven to be 100% safe, hygienic and water proof!"



"Nistaa is a wonder. It keeps the underlying skin and product protected against any water. I saturated the area with soap and water and it didn't leak. It was just like i had nothing on my skin. It sealed out water completely. Nistaa™ is a great product. I would recommend Nistaa™ to any hospital or clinic that needs this type of barrier."

-April, LPN


"Nistaa is an excellent medical product! After a long hot shower, the paper towel on my arm covered by Nistaa was completely dry. I was pleasantly surprised that it really works."



"Nistaa, is a great product!  As a nurse, I've seen many products used to protect wounds or IV's, none by far are as great as Nistaa. It was actually mind blowing to finally see a product that actually works! I love to take bubble baths, so I decided to do just that. To my amazement the area on my thigh was dry, after being submerged in water over 30 minutes. It was actually dry, what a great product!"

-Kizzy, RN